PQ knowledge exchange platform

In partnership with several international online open-source publications, PQ is creating a knowledge exchange platform that will be a space for sharing essential findings and ideas and an open dialogue connecting practice, research, and theory.

Tangible Territory Journal

The Tangible Territory Journal (TT journal) brings together voices from several different disciplines (arts, design, science, philosophy, architecture, etc.) united by their interest in sensory perception and embodiment. It was conceived by the artist Tereza Stehlikova in November 2020 to respond to the pandemic, which accelerated the shift towards virtualisation of human experience. The desire was to create a platform to discuss some of these concerns and find a creative way to respond to the new challenges. It is published bi-annually (autumn and spring) and is open to submissions while also featuring established artists and thinkers.

Tereza Stehlíková is an artist and lecturer who spent several years researching multi-sensory aesthetics in moving image and performance. She is originally from Prague but has lived in the UK for the past three decades. She decided to start TT journal because of the sudden cultural vacuum created by the pandemic. She was keen to create a space where ideas, creative responses and reflections could be shared and used to “make sense of the world through all our senses.” The project is connected with an initiative called Sensing Place, which will also include workshops and residences in South Bohemia.


Published bi-annually by an international volunteer team of editors, ASCENDING is a global platform for emerging artists working across performance disciplines seeking to give voice to the dynamic work of the next generation of designers, artisans, makers and storytellers. ASCENDING publishes articles on performance design, scenography, and visual dramaturgy written in various formats, including artist features, industry perspectives, and peer-reviewed research.

ASCENDING was founded in 2019 by Brad Caleb Lee, an Alabama born visual dramaturge and designer now living in Cardiff, UK, after serving as Program Coordinator for PQ 2019. The publication is produced by an international team of editors working across design disciplines, including Aziza Kadyri, Sandra Nikač, Jyles Rodgers, and Lily Wieland. Find more information about the ASCENDING team here.

The list of our collaborators will continue. Stay tuned.