PQ 2023 Locations

The main PQ 2023 location is Pražská Tržnice, situated on a bank of the Vltava River in a quickly developing neighbourhood of Holešovice brought (the seventh Prague District).

Read more about the location in an essay written by Tereza Stehlíková.

Or watch the movie Sense of Our Site, capturing the location in its everyday trembling.

Pražská Tržnice is the main but not the only place where PQ 2023 will take place. Adam Svoboda, the Head of Production of PQ 2023, introduced all PQ 2023 locations during the autumn symposium. The record of the symposium you can find here.

Next, there is also the possibility of downloading the presentation summarising the PQ 2023 locations here.

The Student Exhibition is located outdoors. Markéta Fantová, PQ Artistic Director, explains why here.