Media coverage

PQ 2019 have got an imense interest from the part of international media. We have read, heard or seen almost 400 media outputs. See a concise selection of them:

Prague Quadrennial 2019: Imagination. Transformation. Memory.
Abigail Weil introduces the artistic concept of PQ 2019.
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A transformative tour of Prague Quadrennial
Francesca Peschier takes you on a trip to Prague: “Prague Quadrennial is perhaps the most exciting, dynamic, form breaking international theatre festival that you have never heard of. To tell you that it is a ten-day festival celebrating and parading the best of global scenography probably doesn’t illuminate it much.”
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Prague Quadrennial 2019: Behind the scenes at theatre design’s global festival
Nick Awde and his overview of PQ 2019: “Design has become an increasingly high-profile aspect of theatre thanks to new technologies and the blurring between design and performance. And there is nowhere better to catch the latest developments in the art form than the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.”
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Theatres are evolving to reconnect us to each other and the environment
Andrew Filmer about the PQ’s Performance Space Exhibition: “Theatre is a dynamic art form that combines bodies, light, sound and materials into exciting live events. But while each show – whether it’s a play, concert, dance, or something else – is unique, they are always conditioned by the spaces and places in which they are made and performed.”
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Abigail Weil on PQ: “A maiden stroll through the Central Hall proves beyond a doubt that this is not a conventional theatre festival.”
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