Exhibition of Countries and Regions: RARE Visions

In critical times of uncertainty, precarity, and change – like ours – performance designers, scenographers, and all performance practitioners, in the widest sense of the word, play an especially important role in society: to imagine, visualize, and even create rare visions of the future. These may be of various kinds – inspirational, visionary, or cautionary. It is the unique power of performance design/scenography to immerse one’s mind and body in our possible futures, to give hope, and so become a catalyst for positive change. 

Theatre and performance, in physical, virtual, or blended spaces, have the power to instigate a positive outlook for a better future and envision specific, bespoke worlds, environments, layouts, and scenarios for the imaginative and imaginary lives of communities. They can foresee and anticipate events and developments, whether political, social, ecological, or technological. Participants and audiences are given an opportunity to live through these events vicariously and in so doing to try living in the future. These possible futures will hopefully challenge our preconceived ideas and habits, push the limits of what we think is possible and permissible. At other times, they will serve as a warning, outlining looming dangers and threats that otherwise societies in their daily worries, concerns, and frustrations, may ignore, neglect, or play down. 

These RARE future visions, imaginations, and predictions, that bring us together, profoundly touch our hearts, and open up potential for change, will be the main focus of PQ 2023’s Exhibition of Countries and Regions.

We call on curatorial teams from each country/region to choose one of the three areas:

  1. Find a recent production or performative/scenographic piece, unique to your country/region/community that brought its audiences together by giving hope and planting a seed for change. 
  2. Find a recent production and/or performative/scenographic piece, unique to your country/region/community that contained surprisingly predictive, visionary moments, and/or that served as a catalyst of some significant political and social change. 
  3. Create future vision post-pandemic theatre, performance and scenography. How will our habits and routines change in the space of the post-pandemic world? How will we share those rare moments of human connectedness after the prolonged experience of isolation?

We invite the curatorial teams to find a way to present this work/vision to PQ’s participants, using the lens of performance design/scenography. Whichever form of presentation you choose, we ask that you consider PQ’s vision of performance design/scenography.

This particular exhibition is competitive and is dedicated to professional performance and theatre designers. We are interested to see new creations and realized original new works. None of the exhibited works can be older than 6 years.