The team works like a family

Why be interested in every team member to clearly understand and love the directors’ vision and artistic concept?

In the eighth episode, Markéta Fantová talks to writer and director Michel Laprise about crossing the arrogant ego and questioning the authorship of a theatrical performance, which is ultimately a joint work of various professions, without which there would be no.

Michel Laprise is an original performance director whose approaches and creativity have been significantly imprinted in the production of Cirque du Soleil where he quickly became a Special Events Designer.

The episode of PQ podcast series Global Performance Encounters is out.

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What is scenography, and how can help us to learn something about themselves?

Barbora Příhodová, co-curator of PQ Talks, talks about it with scenographer and designer Natta Thapparat who was a curator of the Thai exhibition Same Same But Different at Prague Quadrennial 2019. Natta has also experience as a curator of Bangkok Craft Week 2019 or as a creative director of Art Ground 04 at The Jam Factory in Bangkok. Currently, she is a full-time lecturer in Theatre & Performance Design at the Faculty of Communication Arts (Assumption University, Thailand).

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Gender, political, ethnic and national inclusiveness and exclusivity. It is about finding a balance between local and global, between individuality and colonialism.

How does this topic resonate in the field of scenography that depends on team collaboration? Barbora Prihodova, co-curator of PQ Talks, discuss it with stage, light and costume designer Tamara Figueroa, who is also a professor in Theatre Design at the University of Valparaiso in Chile and founder of the research platform Escenotécnica. 

The sixth episode of PQ podcast series Global Performance Encounters is out.

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The online version of the educational platform PQ STUDIO: Common Design Project has come to its end.

Thirty-eight schools from twelve different parts of the world signed up for the autumn semester. It shows us the interest in online education for performance designers and scenographers as well as the great enthusiasm of universities and students to join international projects.

The jury, composed of PQ Artistic Director Markéta Fantová, PQ Studio Curator Patrick Du Wors, and artist and lecturer Sophie Jump, selected the twelve projects. All of them received the feedback from experts – respondents Katrina Lindsay, Juli Balázs, Dr Dinesh Yadav, and Dr Hasan Zahirović.

Both the summer semester selection (4 projects) and autumn semester selection (12 projects) will be exhibited in the online gallery that is going to be launched in the second half of January 2021 on the occasion of the conference devoted to Karel Čapek’s work.

And here is a sample of inspiring creativity! The twelve selected project of the autumn semester:

Carnegie Mellon University

// Adira Rosen, BinhAn Nguyen, Lily Cunicelli //

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

// Flora Mealyou //

Nottingham Trent University

// Hardy Gru //

Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London

// Leva Levina, Geonkuk ( Kuk) Chang, Sahar Gilbadi, Sonya Smullen, Constance Comparot //

Toi Whakaari, NZ Drama School

// Caiden Jacobson //

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

// Alicja Desperak, Wojciech Miks, Anna Orzeszek, Barbara Niestrawska, Michał Pańczyk, Julia Ruszkowska //

Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral

// Erick George //

Yale University School of Drama

// Anna Grigo, Phuong Nguyen, Riva Fairhall //

Cena Hum Academy of Performing Arts

// Albie Conceição, Annelyse Bosa, Bruna Moraes, Guilherme Stuermer //

The University of Victoria

// Misty Buxton, Parker Feenstra, Hailee Friesen, Cassie Holmes, Brock Keeler, Rachel Macadam //

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London

// Cheng Keng, Deepanjali, Ingerid Gullerud, Jamie Lu, Orange Zhu //

Northwestern University

// Meeka Postman, Joseph Johnson //

See more about the PQ STUDIO special online version here.

Creative, cultural or entertainment industry. Regardless of the term, those were one of the first industries worldwide to be closed by the coronavirus pandemic. And they will probably be one of the last to open.

But suppose you want to continue organizing events. Then this situation can become a challenge as well as an excellent opportunity to change your thinking about the theatre and scenography and forms of connections. Michaela Buriánková talked to David Grindle, the executive director of USITT, about how these changes are reflected in USITT’s activities.

Here is a new episode of PQ podcast.

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PQ STUDIO Special Edition is heading to the finals. The projects from the summer and winter semesters have already been selected by a jury consisting of PQ Artistic Director Markéta Fantová, PQ Studio Curator Patrick Du Wors, and artist and lecturer Sophie Jump. This weekend, however, their authors will receive final presentations, during which they will receive detailed feedback and space for discussion.

In addition to the jury, respondents who are the leading performance designers and educators also take part in these joint evaluation meetings.

The respondents, who generously agreed to look through all selected works and give their feedback to students are multi-award winning designer Katrina Lindsay; costume and stage designer Juli Balázs; a doctorate in chemistry and theatre Dr Dinesh Yadav; and educator, playwright and translator Dr Hasan Zahirović. See their biographies here.

See more about PQ STUDIO: Common Design Project Special Online Edition here.

It is Wednesday, and here we come with the new episode of PQ podcast series Global Performance Encounters.

The fourth episode revolves around the gender topic. What role does it play in work, collaboration, teams and at the time of the global pandemic? How do the different life roles of two women intertwine in their cooperation, and how do they deal with them during emotionally intense situations?

Marketa Fantova, the artistic director of Prague Quadrennial, discussing with costume designer Fruzsina Nagy and costume & stage designer Juli Balazs.

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Right now. Immediately. Close your eyes and say what surrounds you. What is the t-shirt colour of your colleague? From where does the sound come? If you don’t know, you forgot to watch and perceive the world around you. That is Arnold Aronson while discussing with Barbora Příhodová, the curator of PQ Talks.

Listen to the third episode of the PQ podcast series with Arnold Aronson, the theatre historian and professor of Theatre at Columbia University. He has a long association with the Prague Quadrennial since served as President of the jury, curator, general commissioner as well as the editor of The Disappearing Stage: Reflections. Last year, he was one of the PQ 2019 Ambassadors.

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We are introducing the making-of video, made by Charles J. Goodall with sound composed by Robert Kaplowitz, that shows the whole challenging process of creating and installing 36Q° Blue Hour project.

36Q° Blue Hour is an experimental interactive environment presented at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 with the considerable support of ROBE Lightning (

The project 36Q° Blue Hour was based on intensive teamwork that brings together experienced artists with emerging designers to create together, where were led by renowned French visual new media artist Romain Tardy. The curatorial team sought to experiment with the shifting boundaries between the “non-material” or “virtual” and the “real” world, to explore the capacity of performance design to enlist technology in cultural production.

Find more about 36Q°concept and about all team members here.

The second episode “Intercultural management practice” will take you through managerial practice and experience of Kathy Hong.
Kathy, interviewed by Michaela Buriánková, speaks about aspects of managing cultural organisations in Taiwan, about dealing with the pandemic situation, and about working in the national and international theatre community.

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