Costume, LIVE! 2

Emergence: Festival will be followed by a 2-day discussion and an open forum style workshop dedicated to the designer-maker collaboration organized by renowned costume designer Simona Rybáková.

The second day of the series offers a unique opportunity to learn how three very different designers collaborate with one maker and how the process of making affects the original design idea in a day presented in partnership with the National Theatre (Národní Divadlo).

The morning will start with a moderated conversation between Rybáková, National Theatre costume shop tailor Roman Dobeš, and designers Kateřina Štefková and Linda Boráros. Each of the designers will present an example of a costume, photos, and renderings which illustrate the process of communication between designer and maker. Each designer has a different way of designing, different aesthetics and material concept in their own creations. These are experiences and skills which the maker-tailor receives naturally during his collaborations and this knowledge benefits both his own professional growth as well as the future designers with whom he will collaborate. The focus will develop onto the maker-tailor, who will talk about his perspective, experience, and will show examples of different kinds of cuts and ways how he makes the designer´s vision come to life.
The afternoon will be practical. Participants pre-selected through an open call will work with 150x 200 cm black and white sandwich material to create a 3D costume-object under the maker-tailor´s guidance and designer´s supervision, resulting in a presentation of the actual costumes as an installation on figurines or as a live show. This workshop will be happening live in front of an audience and any Q&A´s during the day will be welcome.

14 06 2019 10:00—18:00
Kde Central Hall