Light Spot 3

10:30-12:00 North American Conversations - Cultural Appropriation

Presenters: Ivanie Aubin-Malo (QC), Erin Gruber (CA), Josafat Reynoso (MX/US), Eloise Kazan (MX), Sergio Lopez Vigueras (MX), Vincent Iker (MX)

17:00-18:30 FoldA - Festival of Live Digital Art - Link-up

Presenter: Toasterlab

On 12 June 2019 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada HowlRound Theatre Commons and SpiderWebShow Performance and will co-produce a one day Digital + Performance Convening at the Festival of Live Digital Art. At PQ, at 1700 local Prague time, we will create a virtual link of global digital theatre makers connecting artists at both events, through a video link and a bidirectional Virtual Reality link-up which will be webcast through Howlround’s only streaming platform. This is HowlRound’s first Convening to be held outside the US will bring together up to fifty practitioners, curators, and scholars from the U.S. and Canada, working at the intersection of performance and digital technology for a day of discussion that aims to break open assumptions and reveal future possibilities for the art form.

12 06 2019 10:30—12:00
Kde Small Sports Hall

12 06 2019 17:00—18:30
Kde Small Sports Hall