Light Spot 2

10:00-12:00 Experiential Lighting

Presenters: Vinny Jones, Renate Pohl, Sarah Rechberger

Vinny Jones will present her sensory installation IN.somnial, and its underlying methodology of Sensory Scenography. IN.somnial is a poem for the senses. The installation immerses the audience in the nocturnal world of an insomniac, entering the bedroom of the sleepless poet Sonia. Sonia is present in the space only in the traces she has left there, the sounds and smells, the books she reads when she cannot sleep, and her writings. The audience comes to know her in an intimate, personal way through sharing the physiological and emotional experience of insomnia, which forms the core of her night time world. The installation applies research into the non-visual and biological effects of light to create a physiological state equivalent to insomnia by stimulating the production of melatonin and the body’s desire to sleep, while simultaneously stimulating a hyper-alert mind and increased heart rate, preventing the possibility of sleep.

Renate Pohl will present Staged Lighting Design for Astronauts: Applied Dynamic and Bionomic Lighting as a Countermeasure to Space Crew Stressors. How can performance lighting help humanity get to Mars? What lighting factors need to be considered in isolated, confined, and extreme (ICE) environments, such as space habitats like the International Space Station or future crewed missions to the moon, asteroids, or other planets? Humans are a vital part of space missions; their psychological needs play a key role in mission success. The inclusion of art in the form of varied sensory stimulation within ICE environments shows promise as a cost-effective way to enhance an environment, leading to increased crew performance and reduced stress.

Sarah Rechberger will present on her installation, The Data of Heart which makes the movements of audience member’s heart visible. Heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) is transmitted externally to the artwork by a sensor, facilitating a new form of communication and interaction. This direct experience turns the physical body into a place where light, information, movement and space intersect. In the digital age, the transmission of light, or electricity and information, plays a key role. This transmission is not linear: similar to our heartbeats, it takes a pulsing, wave-like form (alternating current, binary code). In the installation, a straight beam of light is bent into a curve on all sides. The straight lines of light oscillate through an internal mechanism that is visible to the visitor.

14:00-17:00 We're Going To The Disco

Presenters: Elekis Constanza Poblete Teirney

We’re Going To The Disco involves a disco ball hanging in a stagnant space, audiences can activate and change the space by using torches to illuminate. And only in moments of action will the space breathe. It’s investigating active spectatorship and rises from a desire to call people to action and have embodied experiences, to become more active in their way of being in the world. There is a physical dialogue between the viewer and the work, a dance. And it is in the clash of these two that shapes the rhythm of the work. The work is not intended to impose a particular meaning, rather an opportunity for experience and reflection.

11 06 2019 10:00—12:00
Kde Small Sports Hall

11 06 2019 14:00—17:00
Kde Small Sports Hall