Sound Spot 5

10:00-13:00 The sound blows forward ‘n the sound blows back: an open discussion on Immersion

Moderator: Roger Alsop

A open discussion on the broad theme of immersion. Topics possibly include defining immersion/spatialization/surround, speaker vs headphone spatialization, the tyranny of the sweet spot, and the fundamental question: why do spatial sound?

14:00-1:700 The Sound Kitchen (Bake 3)

The Sound Kitchen is a curated series of performances by sound designers, sound artist and composers who work in live entertainment.

Presenting Artists:
Adam Mendelson, Kristin Hamby: Anon(ymous)
Atilla Antal, Spaces of Void
Ester Grohová: Videospot nr. 1
Erik Lawson, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, French Open of Nineteen-Eighty Five

17:00-18:00 Chilean sound art and design and its impact on scenic practices

Presenter: Josefina Cerda Puga

Exhibition on art and sound design in Chile and the reflections on the impact that its emergence has had on current stage practices. Through technical and format modifications, various theatrical companies and artists express new ways of relationship between scene-spectator, which foster the development of the senses, listening, dialogue, which, in turn, conflict the hegemonic visual production models and the economy of the image. Likewise, these experiences allow projecting that the emergence of sound art in Chile produces in some stage practices a sound revolution that aesthetically and politically transforms the experience of the scene, incorporating sound as the formal axis of creation and not only as a technical element.

14 06 2019 10:00—13:00
Kde Small Sports Hall

14 06 2019 14:00—17:00
Kde Small Sports Hall

14 06 2019 17:00—18:00
Kde Small Sports Hall