Sound Spot 4

09:00-11:00 How Humans Hear

Presenter: John Taylor

How do we listen to music naturally and what happens when we use a traditional sound reinforcement system?

With the help of a live music ensemble, John Taylor will explain the function of the human ear/brain system in the perception of music and how this fundamental acuity enables us to mix in our heads on a millisecond by millisecond basis. Along the way, we'll discover how traditional sound systems effectively disable this ability, how that affects the way we mix audio and what this understanding means for the future of live sound reinforcement.

11:00-12:00 Entangled Formations

Presenters: Anne Cecilie Caroline Brunborg Lie

Birds are resilient species evolving since the Jurassic period. However, they are vanishing in the Anthropocene. The connections between human and non-human lives are investigated through site-specific sounds and stories, and audible through a free, geo-locative sound-app called Locosonic. In the app, participants activate the sounds through the GPS of their smartphones. They choose the length, their trajectory, and thus, to some extent, their experience of the walk. They are part of making the work come to life.

We are an entangled mesh of different species, completely intertwined with all elements of life and non-life. Sound as an omnipresent yet ephemeral phenomenon is potent of representing this mesh, and listening and sonifying marginalized groups are subversive acts in the age of extinctions and forgetting. GPS and internet are everywhere, living parts of our current ecology, though not without issues. Its patterns can look like threads of brain waves or neuro-patterns, but also bird migration routes. Linking sound, internet, GPS, human and non-humans together with the complexity of Prague, I propose a different view of ecology and coexisting.

14:00-17:00 The Sound Kitchen (Bake 2)

The Sound Kitchen is a curated series of performances by sound designers, sound artist and composers who work in live entertainment.

Presenting Artists:
Abigail Golec, Sonder: Experiments
Bassam Yaqout: Nut Eyes
Anthony Storniolo, Knot Fun
Fanis Sakellariou, αrepΩ
Josefina Cerda Puga, Consciente Cotidiano
Seth & Heather, 44 Facts I Know

17:00-18:00 Consciente Cotidiano

Presenter: Josefina Cerda Puga

Methodological reflections on the process of creation of the "Consciente Cotidiano" project, with regard to the construction of sound landscapes and the random-aesthetic relationship with the everyday. "Consciente cotidiano" is a collection of sound landscapes in ordinary situations in the form of a collage that seeks to synthesize emotions, travels and human experiences from different materials (sounds, songs, unplanned conversations). Raising in the randomness of the material, a new way of presenting ourselves to the sound experience of the day to day.

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13 06 2019 11:00—12:00
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