Sound Spot 3

10:00-13:00 Empty Vessels & Clean Slates: Crawling Through Time And Space

Presenter: John Richards

Alvin Lucier’s Empty Vessels is a piece about resonance and intimate spaces. But the title of the work suggests much more - a metaphor for openness, to receive and renew. In my own work as Dirty Electronics, the actions of making and unmaking have become critical parts of music and a means to create such clean slates. This extends beyond the sound itself and encompasses the very stuff sound is made with and in which context. Through making something from scratch, a truly radical music, from the root, may be formed. A music where identity politics may be played out or the status quo of music, sound, culture may be challenged. Dirty Electronics’ work at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 epitomises some of these attempts at creating a clean slate. An installation within an installation, collaborative making, and finding hidden sounds are to the fore.

So what? Such laudable attempts of finding the new have been recurring themes in Dirty Electronics, but in recent work I’ve become more critical of my own practice. With such empty vessels, what is stopping me/us from filling them with the same old shit! A discussion follows: the DIY paradox and do-it-together (DIT), collaboration, schemas and free forms, dialectical oppositions, speculative sound circuits, non-electronic music (more than just acoustic), and the interrogation of relationships between people and stuff. And finally crawling, yes, literally child-like across sticky beer strewn floors of nightclubs, splintery wooden village hall floors, and brutal, dusty concrete warehouses. Fumbling in the dark, grabbing something at hand or stretching for what is out of reach, in time, the time of music and performance

14:00-16:00 Triggering Change: Synth Library Prague

Presenter: Mary C

On music education and social change with musician, curator and educator Marie Ctverackova aka Mary C, co-founder of the Prague Synth Library.

12 06 2019 10:00—13:00
Kde Small Sports Hall

12 06 2019 14:00—16:00
Kde Small Sports Hall