Emergence: Festival

Spatial Dramaturgies. Interdisciplinary Macbeth.
Workshop Leaders: Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, Aleksandar Dundjerovic

Transcending Boundaries and Amplifying Identity with Giant Puppets
Workshop Leaders: Ana Diaz Barriga, Jess Kaufman

The Quest – Performing with the Ghost
Workshop Leaders: Ephemera Collective, Jorge Palinhos, Attila Antal, Eric V. dela Cruz

The Hidden Lives of Space: Site-Based Performance Ecology
Workshop Leaders: Ian Garrett, Tanja Beer, Paul Cegys , Justine Garrett, Andy Houston

Scaling-Up! Transfer Your Production to a Larger and/or Different Type of Theatre
Workshop Leader: Allan Stichbury

Costume, performance, unusual materials, and light take center stage in the Central Hall and spill into the Exhibition Grounds as visitors experience results from:

Material Interactions: A Journey in Movement
Workshop Leaders: Wearing Space Collective led by Donatella Barbieri with Mary Kate Connolly, Giulia Pecorari, Pinar Gercek

Transforming Space with Illuminated Sculpture
Workshop Leaders: Peter Balkwill, Nan Balkwill, Marie-Êve Cormier, Ian McFarlane, Randi Edmundson, Dave Lane

Form Follows Fold
Workshop Leader: Tsai-Chun Huang

Expansive Listening: An Eco-Materialist Approach to Devising Spatial Designs
Workshop Leaders: Tanja Beer, Jennifer Tran

Nomadic Bodies of Light in Public Space
Workshop Leaders: Antony (Ant) Nevin, Josh Lewis, Franziska Steinkohl

Workshop Leader: Agata Skwarczynska, Juli Balazs, Uta Gruber-Ballehr, Ana Lopez Cobos

Due to the nature of the workshop, the results from Devising the Collaborative Imagination Workshop (Leaders: Eric Rose, Anton deGroot) will be presented earlier in the day, at 13:00 and 15:00 in DAMU K107.

12 06 2019 19:00—22:00
Kde Industrial Palace