Fragments Gallery Talks: Luis Carlos Vásquez, Xue Dianjie

14:30 Luis Carlos Vásquez Mazilli, Costa Rica

Through his work on stage and pedagogy, Luis Carlos Vásquez Mazzilli inspires generations to view communicating as an art where symbol supports and supplements the text.
"During my 42 year career as a performing arts director and stage& costume designer, the sketch books (Director’s Notebook) have been fundamental to work on the staging. These books have the theoretical analysis of the show along with the drawings of the scenic space, including the entire design process of the show: the scenography, lighting, images and projections, costumes, make-up, among others. The director’s books are my guide to not improvise. I treasure more than twelve volumes, which are an important part of my career."
- Luis Carlos Vásquez

Xue Dianjie, China

Xue Dianjie broke away from the restriction of illusionism and applies supposition of stage boldly, creating works that exemplify the stage as a place for performance.

"I felt so excited and emotional about this project.
I was thrilled that after years of hiding and sneaking around, I can finally design a project with integrity, using my own way and the knowledge I learnt. The emotional feeling was because eventually, I found a like-minded collaborator who I could actually communicate with and an environment of theatre that supported my design after more than ten years of my return from studying overseas. What I needed is to do my best so that my thoughts over these years can be seen by more peers and audiences, and people can feel the fascination of non-illusion of the stage immediately."

13 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Lapidarium