Fragments Gallery Talks: Pamela Howard, Ali Raffi

14:30 Pamela Howard, United Kingdom

A Tri-Coloured World
Believing in a responsibility to tell important stories of displacement and dispossession in the face of global tyrannies, Pamela Howard has led a life making art without borders.

"My life and Art is always trying to find a visual metaphor for ‘Creativity in Defiance of Tyranny’. I come from somewhere, and I belong everywhere."
- Pamela Howard

15:15 Ali Raffi, Iran

Fox Hunting
Theatre maker Ali Raffi tells powerful, relevant stories through unique scenography, commenting on global issues while reminding that "Theatre is not a vitrine for history."

"This play speaks straightforwardly to the audience and its content simply relates to anyone, whether Iranian or non-Iranian. Shakespeare is the master of stories about obtaining the power at any price and we know that his plays are all understandable by people from various social, political or cultural backgrounds. That’s what I tried to do in Fox Hunting. While design and staging of the play is also very unique among my other works.
- Dr. Ali Raffi

12 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Lapidarium