Fragments Gallery Talks: Liisa Ikonen

14:30 Liisa Ikonen, Finland

Dialogic Scenography: Phenomenological Interpretation of an Alternative Work Process

Liisa Ikonen’s thesis, focusing on the questions of being, artistic freedom, and equality, broke conventional orders and encouraged artists to develop a new methodology.

"My work in HYPNOS-group taught me something essential about facing the unknown and finding the right questions that are included in all artistic work and research. It guided my artistic thinking and practice towards an attitude of dialogue and listening, which has remained with me. I pondered on freedom of art both as an artistic and ethical question. My research took place by making experimental performances with a state of mind open to reception. During practice situations free of hierarchical structures the work taught me to tune towards something that did not yet exist. Referring to my honoured philosophical guide Martin Heidegger and his existential phenomenology, my new dialogical scenography surfacing from this ground was not representation, but a place where existence took place."
- Liisa Ikonen

11 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Lapidarium