Fragments Gallery Talks: Alexander Lisiyansky, Fruzsina Nagy

14:30 Fruzsina Nagy, Hungary
"Villa on Andrássy Avenue" in the performance PestiEsti

Costumes can be protagonists. Fruzsina Nagy brings costume into the center of the theatre production, where costumes can reflect in novel ways on the main topic of the show.

"This costume clearly represents the result of my experiments of two decades on how to push further a costume's original meaning, and show it from different aspects. It is already strange enough to have a person wearing a stylized building outfit, but to look inside that dress and see there other people living their every-day life enriches ‘The Villa on Andrássy Avenue’ costume’s aesthetics with a totally new dimension. I would say that this costume used in the performance was one of the most exciting experiments in my career, and 12 years later it is still a very interesting piece of art, still influencing many of my designs."
- Fruzsina Nagy

15:15 Alexander Lisiyansky, Israel

Lost Between X-Y-X
Through this new-made piece, designer Alexander Lisiyansky reminds viewers that the designer’s work is never done, and the work of space design is never finished.
"This project is an unfinished tower, consisting of models, sketches, photos of my projects for the past 30 years, some of them are saved, some made specifically for the exhibition. The fragments are made in different scales and techniques, flow or intersect each other and form one whole — the author’s attempt to realize what is happening between the X-Y-Z axes."
- Alexander Lisiyansky

10 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Lapidarium