Fragments Gallery Talks: Andy Bargilly, Jean-Claude De Bemels, Kirsten Dehlholm

14:30 Jean-Claude De Bemels, Belgium
La mission
Jean-Claude De Bemels contributed to an evolution, modifiying theatre making in Belgium by bringing greater attention and value to the role of design as a major dramatic force.
"There's no rules, no principles, or only one: to have no principles at all. Everything always is to be done again.
For the scenery of La Mission, one can have the feeling that I used many principles at work in the previous pieces, but it's never for the same reasons: I always try to find the most specific answer / set up to highlight the dramaturgy and help the directing."
- Jean-Claude De Bemels

15:00 Andy Bargilly, Cyprus
Seven against Thebes
Andy Bargilly has not only created landmarks of sceographic approach in Cyprus, but has served in many influential and significant public posts related to the arts.
"The set I designed for Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes project, was in itself a visual proposal that consisted of many elements linked to the myth and, especially, to its tragic end. The myth itself imposed the use of hard, military material; a fact that led me to the use of burned and rusty iron as the dominant material for the whole set."
- Andy Bargilly

15:30 Kirsten Dehlholm, Denmark
I Only Appear To Be Dead
Working with research and tools such as perception, sensing, light, and architecture Kirsten Dehlholm examines the phenomena of the world, pushing scenographic and performative experience in new directions.
"I Only Appear To Be Dead is important as a work of art that combines something completely new in its form and shaping and also something recognizable, something that people can relate to. Well known objects are put into new context and get new meaning. Quotes by H.C. Andersen are presented as independent statements, as pieces of poetry. All is sung and told by excellent singers."
- Kirsten Dehlholm

09 06 2019 14:30—16:00
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