Fragments Gallery Talks: Dorita Hannah, Juan Gómez-Cornejo

14:30 Dorita Hannah, New Zealand
PhoneHome: Island Icarus ("you peeled our skin off")

With two decades of prolific interdisciplinary practice and scholarship, Dorita Hannah is the author of wondrous, poetic, thought-provoking moments, texts and spaces in the world.
"65 million people are currently in exile with many confined in unhomely refugee camps and detention centres. For most of us in secure homes, out of sight is out of mind. This work was provoked by Australia’s Pacific Solution and its island detention centres where refugees and asylum seekers are indefinitely incarcerated. As Iranian-Kurdish detainee Behrouz Boochani claims, ‘our bodies [are] held captive to oppressive conditions … without any clear path to living a free and safe life’. Boochani created a documentary and wrote a book about this situation using contraband mobile phones. He shows how these devices are the means for situating, documenting and transcending a life lived in exile."
– Dorita Hannah

15:15 Juan Gómez-Cornejo, Spain
Lighting For Pandur. Fragmentos Del Alma

Juan Gómez-Cornejo develops daring and audacious atmospheres, giving the best of himself to dramatic texts with a power of abstraction distant from conventional lighting.
"In the year 2005 Gerardo Vera, who directed the National Drama Center, proposed for the first time that I work with Tomaž Pandur on Inferno, The Divine Comedy. From here, 10 years of our collaborations would follow both in and outside of Spain and the tension and emotion persisted in all our work together. The knowledge of his particular aesthetic world, the trust and complicity made me keep investigating and enjoying more of the creative processes and the emotion did not stop at any moment. Each new phone call filled me with excitement, and I continued to tremble for the risk of their proposals. This work, inspired by the space of that first meeting in Inferno, belongs to those fragments that have been left of my work with this great artist, serve as a small tribute to Tomaž Pandur showing all the designs I made with him and for him."
- Juan Gómez Cornejo

08 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Lapidarium