Flashtalks 7

14:30 – 16:00
Aural Scenography of Site-Specific Space as a Conductor of a Performance
Tina Kozin and Saška Rakef (Radio Slovenia) – SI

The presentation will focus on the influence of aural scenography of site-specific space on the score of a hybrid performance that was devised to be simoultaniously performed within the enclosed space of the airport terminal at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik International Airport as well as on the air – going live on Radio Slovenia Channel 3 – Ars Channel

Spatial Effects as Control of Perception
Anna Efremova – RU

Is Architecture and Art Compatible Today?
Irina Ilieva (Architect/Curator) – DE
Art and craft were once two sides of the same coin. But the profession of the architect developed academically, and separated from the art and craftsmen guild. 100 years ago, the "total work of art" taught at the Bauhaus brought all the arts together with architecture. How has it evolved since? We require a discussion about the current artistic approach to spaces with a focus on scenography.

Dance at the Museum or To What Extent the Art Object Can Become a Scenography?
Pierre Larauza – BE

Through this testimony of my scenographic and choreographic museum experiences in Vietnam, we’ll question the scenographic strength of the artistic object. Can an art object, exhibited in a museum, become a scenography for the time of a performance danced at the museum? What is the status of this hybridization? What transformations does this bring to the visitor's view of the exhibition?

Iinisikimm – A Puppet-Lantern Homecoming for the Buffalo of Canada
Peter Balkwill (University of Calgary) – CA

A talk on Iinisikimm, a large scale outdoor, immersive, puppet-lantern performance to celebrate the integration of bison as a natural component to the ecosystem of Canada’s wilderness. The integrated design serves as a conduit toward a creative pursuit and helps bridge cultural caps in artistic expression. This empowered an authentic collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous artists.

4:48 Macbeth
Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, Aleksandar Dundjerovic – UK
Maria Jose Martinez is an architect and a visual artist and Aleksandar Dundjerovic a theatre director. All their collaborations are to some extent site-specific and are based in creative dialogues between them. They will establish a dialogue based on the process followed to devise their last production 4:48 Macbeth, performed in several venues across Europe.

Procedural of Scenography
Jun Tian, Shali Huang – CN

The scenography is neither an eternal art work nor a static aesthetic object, but a performer with performance characteristics like an actor. In today's dramatic performance, the scenography has already broken through the expression of the background, more involved in the performance activities. This dynamic and dramatic visual communication is the procedural of the scenography.

13 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Krizik E