Flashtalks 6

14:30 – 16:00
Collaboration ‘ME+’
Anna Kubelík (Architect/Artist), Tarik Goetzke (Writer/Director) – DE

Anna Kubelík (artist/architect) and Tarik Goetzke (director/writer) will talk about their collaborative process, using the city and the history of its origin as a starting point for an audio-immersive performative format. Introducing their projects ME+ROME & ME+BEIJING, which show the transformation of a space into a narrative place submerging each visitor into an individual perspective.

Collaborations in the Garden of the Delights: From the Image for the Stage
Ana Quintas, Fernanda Alpino – BR

The Garden of The Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, was the starting point for the play The Garden of The Delights by Grupo Liquidificador, a theatre company that is in its eighth year of performative-theatre work. We will present a little bit of how was the creative process, the challenges and discoveries of devising a play, inspired by an important art piece with a strong visual impact.

Problems of the Composition of the Scenic Space as an Autonomous Sign Based on the Action of the Actor
Julieta Reta Cardinali –AR

Thinking about the convergence of the roles of the stage designer and the acting director in order to conduct the production of the staging:What spatial resources requires the actor to understand the space from global notion of the stage? How is this transformation created with the use of different objects? How is the relationship with what is shown and what is hidden? The answer is: process.

João das Neves: Director, Set designer, Craftsman – the Construction of Maria Lira’s Sets
Niuxa Drago (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) – BR

Brazilian director João das Neves had written, direct and conceived the sets of Maria Lira (2007), a street play dedicated to the Jequitinhonha Valley/Brazil. The use of natural materials refers to the local geography, crafts and traditions. The conception induces the "material consciousness" that, according to Richard Sennett, leads to reflection on the transformation of things in the world.

Mutant and Polymorphic Stages
Carmen Gil Vrolijk (Universidad de los Andes) – CO
The talk is focused on 3 projects that explore the different relationships and formal aesthetic possibilities that emerge from the integration of recent media technologies, such as: video mapping, live video, motion tracking, data, etc., into the field of performing and immersive arts.
The works are produced by La Quinta del Lobo and interdisciplinary collective funded by the Univ de los Andes.

Drama goes Digital – Stage your City
Christian Ziegler (De)

The European Theater Convention (ETC) is a network of public theatres in Europe. The ETC initiated the European Theater which developed a digital theater production, using mobile technologies, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) co-production by Théâtre de la Manufacture Nancy (FR), Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (DE) and Kote Marjanishvilli State Theatre Tbilisi (GE).

Scenographic Research: What It Is and Why It Matters
Scott Palmer (University of Leeds) – UK

The scenography working group of the International Federation for Theatre Research brings together academics and practising scenographers from around the world to share their research and research-led practice. Scenographic research is a growing, vibrant field, often linked to professional practice. The working group supports a diverse community, interested in all aspects of performance design.

12 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Krizik E