Flashtalks 5

14:30 – 16:00
Sisters Hope – Sensuous Learning
Gry Worre Hallberg – DK

A presentation on the sensuous and poetic performance work and methods of the award-winning Nordic performance group Sisters Hope and the large-scale experiment Sisters Academy – exploring the school of what they term ‘Sensuous Society’ and new modes of Sensuous Learning within an otherworldly immersive performance framework.

Teaching Creativity
Matthew Suttor (Yale University) – US

Is it possible to teach creativity? An investigation of methods developed to teach creativity to students individually and in collaborative groups from different disciplines at the Yale School of Drama.

Creating Opportunities for Imagination and Creativity when Teaching Theatre Design
Bryony May Kummer-Seddon – UK

This talk argues the benefits of allowing scenography students to engage with topics of their own choosing during design led exercises. In conjunction with brief lead exercises, giving students the opportunity to lead creatively has appeared to increase student engagement and led to the creation of passion driven performances. Student work created in both Jamaica and the UK will be discussed.

A Theatre and Performance Design Education Network
Jane Collins, (Wimbledon College of Arts) – UK

In 2018, a conference in London exploring theatre and performance design pedagogy was attended by over sixty academics, practitioners and teachers from around the world. It made substantial inroads into establishing a new network for teaching and learning within the field. This talk aims to build on the discussions that began in London in order to consolidate the network and expand its reach.

In Search of New Scenography in Indian Theatre in Twentieth Century: Rabindranath Tagore’s Essay ‘Rangamanch’ and His Production
Santanu Das (Rabindra Bharati University) – IN

Rabindranath Tagore wrote essay “Rangamanch” (Stage). In his essay his main statement is that create scenography into the audience mind not to create in front of audience eyes. We will try to portray how Rabindranath tries to find out a new theatrical language in the dominated English Theatre era in Pre-Independence India, which could give us a new view to look at the scenography in present time.

Project ‘Predestination’. The New Space and Technical Solutions of Modern Scenography
Katarjina Zakharova, Anastasia Peksheva – RU
KATANA shares latest experience of interplay with the environment by performing using minimalistic construction. Artists want to discuss the dilemma of choosing something natural to work with vs. any artificial illusion which could be possibly created by using IT technologies. Its initiative was to study where that ‘golden mean’ between the traditional and modern scenography borders or even ends.

Remains & Ruins
Miljena Vučković (Designer) – RS

REMAINS & RUINS discusses im/material remains, from practical & ideological perspectives. Scenography is produced everywhere and when no longer needed it’s removed, dismantled, stored, destroyed, abandoned, recycled, trashed, stolen. Analyzing practices in different working environments, R&R explores where things end after show. Do we recycle, and what about authorship of adjusted / reused parts.

11 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Krizik E