Flashtalks 2

14:30 – 16:00 New Bodies/New New Bodies / New Contexts: Costuming Beyond the Stage
Alison Heryer – US
Over the past decade, new media has fundamentally shifted the way we initiate and consume narrative. As a result, the role of the costume designer is expanding and prompting new strategies around how we imagine character and visualize identity. This talk looks at emerging contexts for the clothed body and considers the impact on both the practice and pedagogy of costume design.

The Scenography of Sound within Costume
Emma Renhard – UK
This paper explores the importance of sound within the fabric of a costume , whether this is natural or manufactured . It recognises the scope of soundscapes and sound integration within the scenography of costume. Sound embedded within the fabrication of design and realisation of worn artefacts is important to establishing narrative , environment and character.

Scenographic Fashion Performances
Pamela C. Scorzin – DE
Scenographic Fashion Performances bring together the spectacular aesthetics of scenography, fashion design, and performance art. With experimentally or conceptually designed clothes (from costume design to high-end fashion), the human body is shaped as well as marked in a specific space and time and thus is being temporarily staged and related to the eyes of a participating/ consuming audience

Somatic Scenography – Embodying Costume and Site
Sally E Dean – UK, US
How can somatic methodologies transform future scenographic practices? Somatic practices encourage conscious awareness of movement habits to support wellbeing and performance. The Somatic Movement, Costume and Performance Project (Dean, Lacunza, Rieckhof) acts as example: costumes designed starting from the sense of touch versus visual aesthetic to rebalance sensorial and artistic hierarchies.

Design as Performance Fragment Inspired by Macunaima: A Hero Without Any Character
Aby Cohen, Alexandre Maradei, Lucas Oliveira – BR
The challenge of designing and presenting scenography provoke a restlessness, as artist, to seek renewed possibilities. Inspired by Macunaima (ambiguous character hero/antihero), staged by the director Antunes Filho, an aesthetic experience of design as performance will be shared, connected to PQ2019 Brazilian Exhibition, emphasising the strength of THE BODY AS SPACE, TERRITORY AND ITS BORDERS

Passing Through: Lines and Borders
Ellawyn Cruz (De La Salle – College of St. Benilde) – PH
The talk discusses the process and experience behind the immersive installation. It focuses on the subject of migration and mobility by using the visa interrogation booth as an initial basis of the experience. By re-creating the visa application process, we can consider how spaces and their atmospheres have effects not only in the bodily context but on our emotions and mental state as well.

08 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Krizik E