Fragments Gallery Talks: Paul Gallis, Cristina Reis, Francis O'Connor, Jozef Ciller

14:30 Francis O'Connor (IE)

15:00 Paul Gallis, Netherlands
Count Your Blessings
Believing in a responsibility to tell important stories of displacement and dispossession in the face of global tyrannies, Pamela Howard has led a life making art without borders.
To me it was essential that the actors and dancers could appear anywhere at any time! Meaning that behind the visual set another complete structure was needed to enable them to move fast and save from place to place.
- Paul Gallis

15:30 Cristina Reis, Portugal
The English Cat
Cristina Reis has elevates design to the condition of art and has been, in Portugal, the inventor of set design as a self-reflexive practice.

"Here is a brief word…on behalf of this bunch of drawn, cut, hand-painted pieces of cardboard, which bring memories of children’s games and constructions in funny scales. Kept in a box since fulfilling their purpose twenty years ago, they lived quiet, silently, on a shelf, in the dark of some box. Ignoring they would now be brought into day light for this unexpected exposure! They certainly feel (as I do) awkward, uncomfortable, to be looked at in this present manner, so distant from the original purpose. As models for the real and ultimate thing to be in their function, accomplished and gone is their usefulness, as the time is now past and their job done. Lasts a (fragile) memory and may your eyes be gentle!

For these bits and pieces put together in a certain manner are no more than the common and usual scale model, which combines, contains and summarizes answers and solutions from arisen artistic and technical questions. This is the model I made in 2000 for the stage design of Henze/Bond ‘s opera The English Cat. A tool of many purposes in the working process, an active object, a sort of common ground and meeting point for the necessary communication or discussion in different areas of the small world this project existed in. It made sense then; now, I wonder...
(However, between light and shade, no matter the scale, a bit of card might still ring the bell and bring back the music of a fortunate time!)"
- Cristina Reis

16:00 Jozef Ciller

Kurátor Klára Zieglerová

Umělci Paul Gallis (NL), Cristina Reis (PRT)

07 06 2019 14:30—16:30
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