Scénografie napříč uměleckými žánry 1

10:00 – 11:30
Panel of Presentations

About the Roles and Functions of a Performative Scenic Device: Reflections On the Relationship Between Literature and Contemporary Scenography
(Presentation – 20 min)
Ed Andrade (BR)

This communication proposes a reflection on the relationship between literature and contemporary scenography. The intention is to demonstrate that the aim of scenography in many recent theatre practices, more than establishing a bridge to the fictional world created by a dramatic literature, is to produce a network of affections, becoming a performative agent and an instrument of scenic writing.

Is Stage Management Scenographic?
(Presentation – 20 min)
Michael Smalley (University of Southern Queensland, AU)

A model by which stage management could be considered scenographic will be explored using research gained from observation of, and interviews with, stage managers practicing in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Filmization of Theatre, Theatralization of Film
(Presentation – 20 min)
Tanja Lacko (HR)

Both Theatre and Film are using images in order to tell a story. Those images are carefully designed compositions of performers and light in space. By revealing the use of theatre, as opposed to film designing tools, the aim is to broaden the discussion on scenography and to highlight the interconnection of theater and film design.

30 minutes concluding discussion

12:00 – 13:30
Panel of Presentations

Interdisciplinarity as a Key for the Scenography of Tomorrow
(Panel Discussion – 20 min)

Miljana Zeković (Ephemera Collective), Višnja Žugić (Ephemera Collective), Jorge Palinhos (CEAA, APCEN), Attila Antal (Institute for New Theatre), Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz (De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde)

Expanding the conventional meaning of scenography, the talk offers a creative interdisciplinary dialogue on site-specificity, structured around the idea of Space as a starting point of performance, to emphasize all its layers as ‘merged magic’ and offer different, diverse, intense, obscure and sometimes colliding perspectives on understanding ‘Space as a Protagonist’ in site-based endeavours.

Another Scale – Another Story
(Presentation – 20 min)
Angelika Höckner, Gerald Moser (AT)

Wunderkammer is mostly asked to work on precise topic e.g. historical, technical, cultural or social. This evokes a created storyline following the content, transformed in visual images, like scale models, new genre diorama, scenography, tactile graphics. You will see a range of works from various methods – using leap in scale, simultaneity, ready-made objects, responsible handling of material.

Regenerating Meaning: Design Approaches and Storytelling
(Presentation – 20 min)
Bruno-Pierre Houle (Scenographer), Yi-Tai Chung (University of Mississippi) (US)

How can we rethink the tropes offered by visual arts and their impact on scenography? How can we adapt our creative processes to allow more space for unconventional narratives? This conversation scrutinizes the act of the creation of meaning, through an exploration of design practices and unfamiliar storytelling techniques. It investigates how to reclaim ownership on the visual format.

30 minutes concluding discussion

13 06 2019 10:00—13:30
Kde Krizik E