Scénografie zvuku

16:30 – 18:00
Panel of Presentations

Designing the space in-between: the present and future of Acoustic Scenography.
(Presentation – 20 min)
Felipe Sanchez, Felipe Duarte (DE, CO)

With the help of new methods like interactivity, vertical composition, generative and algorithmic compositions, Acoustic Scenography enriches the story-telling. In any case in our presentation we keep a focus on the relevant role Acoustic Scenography has, has had and will have as software, technique and compositional methods are continuously developing and rebuilding a new identity for sound.

A Devil’s Bad Thought Fell Over You: Production of Visual and Sonorous Spaces
(Presentation – 20 min)
Larissa Elias (BR)

This work proposes to discuss the production of visual and sonorous spaces in the performance "A devil’s bad thought fell over you", which articulates the voices of three fictional tragic characters – whose common trait is the prophetic character of their speeches – to "real world" voices, captured in "real situations", of a diagnostic or prognostic nature about Brazil, the world and politics.

Sound and Safe
(Presentation – 20 min)
Nathalie Harb (LB)

Scenographer Nathalie Harb suggests a talk showcasing ideas bridging sonic and spatial practice, and their implications for the politics of urban life. She presents provocations based on her own work, THE Silent Room and elaborates on sonic equity and shelters within the public space.

30 minute discussion moderated by Cat Ferguson

12 06 2019 16:30—18:00
Kde Krizik E