Scénografické intervence

10:00 – 13:30
Panel of Presentations with International Jury

Dorita Hannah – NZ

In the 1982 movie E.T., the stranded Extra-Terrestrial who needs to “phone home” constructs a communication mechanism from electronic components found around its hosts’ house. Exemplifying a stranger in a strange land - exiled from its own home – the detained alien (hailing from beyond the known world) is yearning to make connection and return to a familiar realm. 35 years later we inhabit an age where over 65 million humans are in motion: forced to leave their homelands and seek asylum elsewhere; finding themselves defined as ‘aliens’ and confined in unhomely refugee camps and detention centres; environments that epitomise alienating and spatially reductive experiences: barely containers for a bare-life. What does this mean for those of us for whom creating and critiquing the built environment is central to our practice and pedagogy? How can we recognise and share the knowledge of a global social emergency in spatial politics and performativity, even if it were only to be as Antonin Artaud contended “signalling through the flames”? This presentation discusses the extended process towards creating PhoneHome; an exhibition designed and curated by Dorita Hannah with Shauna Janssen and Joanne Kinniburgh for Chile’s 2017 Architecture & Urbanism Biennial. Responding to the call for Unpostponable Dialogues, the project contemplates the contemporary condition of being alien and architecture’s complicity in detaining bodies via the smartphone as an object that, for many, stands in for home: forming an innate body extension, which situates, documents, transcends and resists a life lived in exile.

Action Stage Design
Xinglin Liu – CN

It's not a new concept or method, but I feel very important in practice. I try to consider the interaction between actors and scenery as a factor of stage design, so as to make the stage design more effective and lively. I would like to share this experience with you with my recent design case.

The Bulbs are Blooming: On Light being Scenography
Yaron Abulafia – IL/NL

In this presentation, Dr. Yaron Abulafia explores the poetic role of lighting in performance as scenographic and, at times, sculptural element in its own right. Abulafia will talk about visual dramaturgy, where light ‘performs’, stimulates subconscious bodily and emotional experience, and triggers conceptual processes. Using test-cases of productions he designed internationally, Abulafia discusses how the creative teams use light to create sculptured and imaginative spaces, where beyond illuminating objects in a space, the light becomes an object for spectatorship and an engine of experience.

Reflections on Theatrespace
Tim Foster – UK

Theatre architect Tim Foster will talk about some key projects from 40 years of practice.

12 06 2019 10:00—13:30
Kde Krizik E