Spolupráce ve scénografii

16:30 – 17:15
Gaps in Communication within the Creative Team
(Panel Discussion – 45 min)

Sabine Snijders, Juli Balázs, Jan Kodet, Simona Rybáková

Practising costume designer Simona Rybáková will attempt to demonstrate together with her colleagues examples of communication gaps between the partners of a creative team (director, stage designer and choreographer) using   their own significant theatrical works. A communication gap does not necessarily have to be a negative element or be badly meant however during the creative process with different egos being present the situation can occur. Problem analysis, self-reflection and the effort and ability to find a solution is a complex part of the creative process and this presentation will try to name its causes and possible basis for a collaborative continuation of the team. The theme will  be presented from  respective point of view with a discussion  afterwards The  presentations will be supported by visual material to illustrate the actual problems.

17:30 – 18:00
Life Underground: Installation Art Fabrication as Scenography
(Moderated Conversation - 30 min)

Shan Raoufi, Emmo Gates, Tyler McKay, Greta Hansen, Taylor Black

Art fabrication collective Wolfgang & Hite discusses their process in their most recent fine art fabrication project and explores the increasing intermingling between artists, laborers, spectators, and fields of artistic production. This roundtable views scenography as an interdisciplinary collaborative practice bridging theatre and visual arts.

07 06 2019 16:30—18:00
Kde Krizik E