Flashtalks 1

14:30 – 16:00
Scenography is Our Link
Inês de Carvalho – PT

This presentation aims to problematizing scenography as a connection agent in the Portuguese context. It proposes to give space to different speeches organized by concepts and provocations. It’s a curated talk of a collection of ideas given by professionals linked by the Portuguese Scenography Association but mostly linked by the interest, practice or research of the scenographic universe.

Beauty Dreams
Carolina Jimenez – MX

How to transcend status, role, trade, through dress?
Expressing complex ideas such as gender, sexuality and identity through clothing is a challenge that I believe can be achieved by showing an image that challenges the everyday and what has been normalized.

Stilled – A scenography of the Image
Hansjörg Schmidt, David Harradine – UK

Responding to PQ’s proposal that a future scenography should be shaped by theory, we will consider the creative process on fevered sleep’s Stilled as perceived and interpreted by the creators of the project. The talk will consider how theory can inform and generate scenography that can be free of the limits imposed by the spatial and intellectual rigidity of traditional performance spaces.

Karesansui – Scenography of Hong Kong Literature Theatre
Hung-man TAM(Director/Designer) – HK

In 2003, I adapted Tete Beche, a novel by Liu Yi-chang, and then I took the road of adapting Hong Kong literature to theater. I pursue static beauty through adaptation, it is an introspective state, such as looking at Karesansui in Long’an Temple, Kyoto; the imagery in the senses remains in the hearts of audience and becomes a talisman facing the outside world in a time and space.

Becoming Scenographic: Looking Through the Hong Kong Family Album
Susannah Henry – UK

This flash talk is about a research project undertaken in 2018 by scenographer Susannah Henry: The Hong Kong Family Album 1951 / 2018. The project centred on finding and responding to the sites of photographs in a family album. The first half of this ten-minute flash talk will introduce the project, moving to discuss where and how the project, and the scenographer herself, become scenographic

Tint, Tone, Shade and Saturation
Richard Bryant – TT

"The important thing to remember is that there are no rules in lighting with color. [...] My advice about color is this: Don’t sweat it! It’s the easiest, cheapest thing to change. If a color doesn’t look right on stage, just change it." – Tharon Musser

If color is so easy to change and if there are no rules, why do so many of us struggle with choosing the right one

Site Specifity and Opera: Performing Baroque Opera in Sites of Memory
Tasos Protopsaltou (University of Western Macedonia) – GR

This presentation is related to performance projects based on baroque operas staged in specific places of memory. The projects focus on the synergy of the visual and theatrical quality of these very specific landscapes, the particular color of the baroque opera repertoire and the use of contemporary artistic practices related to a site specific approach to the operatic performace practice

07 06 2019 14:30—16:00
Kde Krizik E