Historie, teorie a spolupráce

10:00 – 10:15
Pozvnánka na Tanec Praha

10:15 – 11:15
Historiographies and Performance Spaces
Panel of presentations

The House is On Fire: Mise-en-scène, Innovation and Theatre Fires in late 19th Century Canada (15 min)
Kym Bird (York University), Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher (Designer)

Driven by American and British circuits, 19th-century Canada needed theatres to meet the appetites of its growing population. But this golden age had a dark, smoldering underbelly. Fire! It struck terror into the hearts of patrons, performers and workers. This presentation relives the historical terror of theatrical fire in Canada and the role that illumination played in the industry of the time.

IM/MATERIAL THEATRE SPACES! Connecting Past and Future Visions of Theatre Architecture (15 min)
Bri Newesely, Franziska Ritter, Pablo Dornhege (DTHG Theatre Heritage Project)

Virtual and Augmented Reality is changing our media landscape permanently. The lecture introduces prototype ideas for digital implementation of theatre architecture in physical, augmented and virtual spaces. How can mixed reality be used to create narrative spaces? What potentials can VR and AR generate in theatrical context and how can accessibility to im/material “theatre objects” be improved?

Urbanism on the Stages of Haussmann’s Paris (15 min)
Jennifer A. Low (Florida Atlantic University), Marcella Munson (Florida Atlantic University)

Dramatic representations of Haussmann’s Paris staged between 1853 and 1887 offer a fractured vision of modernity. Theatre designs present tableaux of new experiences and showcase various ways of moving through space, framing daily life while setting it apart. The theatre technology of the period grows out of the ideology of the modern, becoming not merely a tool but an exemplar of the new.

30 minute discussion moderated by Barbora Příhodová

11:30 – 12:15
How Can We Write about Historiography and Memory of the Performance spaces of Latin America?
(Panel Discussion – 45 min)

José Luis Ferrera (OISTAT Spain), Claudia Suárez (OISTAT Spain), Doris Rollemberg (TTLA-TELA), José Manuel Castanheira (TTLA-TELA)

The Theatres of Latin America is not only a survey of Latin American live performance spaces: it deals with how the designers that use those spaces are influenced by the spaces themselves and how their work influences the perception of those spaces by the audiences. How can we write about historiography and memory of the performance spaces of Latin America reflecting those interinfluences?

12:30 – 13:30
Found Space Turned into the Theatre: the Fruit of Collaboration of the Architect, the Technician and the Performer
(Panel Discussion – 30 mins)

Pavlo Bosyy (Ryerson University), Sholem Dolgoy (Ryerson University), Alex Gilbert (Ryerson University), Dr. Victor Proskuriakov (National University Lviv Polytechnics), Oleksandr Riabenko (The Harlequin Engineering Company and Lightek Company)

The general subject of the panel is concerned with the found space, i.e. its original purpose was different, turned into theatre; we will talk about collaboration in the areas of architecture, stage technology/mechanization and lighting, costume facility, etc. essential in turning "found space" into a contemporary performance facility.

07 06 2019 10:00—13:30
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