Theatre and Performance Design se věnuje PQ 2019

Právě vyšlo nejnovější číslo odborného mezinárodního periodika Theatre and Performance Design (Taylor & Francis), které je celé věnováno Pražskému Quadriennale 2019 a jeho tématu Imagination. Transformation. Memory. Editory vydání se stali Jane Collins a Arnold Aronson, předmluvu připravila umělecká ředitelka PQ Markéta Fantová.


Between material and perception: towards an aesthetics of scenography // Katherine Graham

Scenography 2019 in PQ Talks // Barbora Příhodová & Pavel Drábek

The show and gaze of intermedial interculturalism: a reflection on the curation of Otherness at PQ19 // Zheyu Wei

Porous realities, open scenography: a study of the Lebanese exhibition at PQ 2019 by Hadi Damien

Eloquent landscapes: some questions about curatorship and scenography through the experience of Catalonia’s participation in PQ19 // Bibiana Puigdefàbregas & Marta Rafa

One hundred and ninety-two thousand, two hundred and forty-eight steps: curating the Site-Specific Performance Festival at PQ 2019 // Sophie Jump

Mixing realities: reflections on presence and embodiment in intermedial performance design of Blue Hour VR // Paul Cegys & Joris Weijdom

The scenographic potential of immersive technologies: virtual and augmented reality at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 // Lucy Thornett

Curating PQ Studio 2019 // Patrick Du Wors

Transformative power of spatial memory: an interdisciplinary approach to space as performance // Jorge Palinhos , Miljana Zeković , Višnja Žugić , Attila Antal & Eric V. Dela Cruz

Collaboration despite the tyranny of distance by Jo Briscoe

PQWaltz 2019. Waltzing to a resonance room: nothing ever came out of comfort zones // Anne Habermann , Anna Luyten & Saskia Valk // Visual Essey

Following the threads of scenographic costume at PQ19 // Susan Marshall

Fragments // Klara Zieglerova

Book review // Jaroslav Malina in scenography and paintingedited // Christopher Baugh

Book review // Costume in performance: materiality, culture, and the body // Annie Holt

Book review // Immersion and participation in Punchdrunk’s theatrical worlds // Adam Alston

Celé vydání naleznete zde.

Photo: David Kumermann // 36Q°