Core info Press

We are working on PRESS section that will be available at Being registered in the system, press can ask for a PRESS accreditation and download all press documents and materials from here.

PRESS accreditation offers:

Free entry to PQ 2019
Free entry to PRESS festival spaces
Entry to press conferences of PQ 2019
Free accreditation bag including PQ 2019 promo materials and program brochure
Free entry to PQ 2019 parties

To get PRESS accreditation:

PRESS accreditation is exclusively available for journalists, TV and radio professionals, accompanied by TV and radio staff, online media redactors accompanied by staff, professional photographers, bloggers and influencers, PR coordinators representing press or PR agency.

The online application for PRESS accreditation will be open in spring 2019. Each application will be individually evaluated. The final statement and login will be sent to an email stated in an online application.

PRESS accreditation will be consigned to its owners personally at the spot of PQ 2019 – Industrial Palace at Prague Exhibition Grounds, Prague 7. More detailed info will be available in April 2019.

The right to get PRESS accreditation does not arise automatically on PRESS accreditation of a particular person from previous PQ edition.
PQ has a right to refuse granting of PRESS accreditation.
PRESS accreditation is not transferable.


All press realeses will also be published at Press section.