Awards´ winners

The international jury for PQ 2019, Kate Bailey (the Chairman of the Jury), Dorita Hannah, Tim Foster, Jim Clayburgh, Liu Xinglin, Sofia Pantouvaki, Robert Kaplowitz, Yaron Abulafia, Sodja Lotker, Omar Rajeh, and Monica Raya, awarded exhibited installations in a wide range of categories, 28 in total.

Golden Triga
This Building Talks Truly / Republic of North Macedonia

The exhibition is a multilayered collaborative work that brings together many forms of scenography: space, stage, exposition, memory, community and communication. It demonstrates how performance activates an exhibition space, how design instigates narrative and scenography becomes activism within and beyond political context.

Best Exhibition in the Exhibition of Countries and Regions

Three awarded projects are:

Prospective Actions (Catalonia 2004-2018) / Catalonia

Scenography as sabotage, as political action, as revolution, as protest.  It is an installation from multiple points of view examining design in relationship to democracy, in a microscopic setting.  With smoke, a balloon, and a pin. The award for the best exhibition goes to Catalonia.

Infinite Dune / Hungary

Stranded due to a storm, the end of which seems invisible. In this apocalyptic PQ weather-project, spectator peeks into a space where light, sound, and material all perform together and are synthetized into an immersive experience of transformation and memory.

Microcosm / France

A cohesive, emotional, non-human installation by Philipe Quesne where all the elements of scenography perform in their own right.


Best Curatorial Concept of an Exhibit
ZRwhdZ / Latvia

The pure and elegant exhibition demonstrates an excellent execution of a curatorial vision which took inspiration from classical opera and transformed the idea into a contemporary installation of time, space and music.

Collaborative Realization of an Exhibit
Minor Monsters / Chile

Stage Designers are rare and unique animals. The miniature museum presents a sweet and humorous tour of performance stagecrafts.


Best Student Exhibition Experience

Three awarded projects are:

Medea/Media / Georgia

The group of emerging designers created an imaginary new reality on the basis of historical and personal memory. Political resistance is explored through a multi-layered system, unifying past and future.

Kolo / Finland

Do we need a renewed sense of intimacy and connection? This sheltering cave is inspired by the holes that small animals find to protect themselves. The exhibition embraces you in a mysterious and sensual nest.

The Changing Room / Taiwan

An innovative and provocative distillation of a full production for a new environment.  It re-imagines the theatrical spectator/performer relationship using cutting edge technology, traditional character narrative, and a deep sense of play.


Imagination in Students´ Exhibition

Three awarded projects are:

The Prague Experiment / Italy

The humorous exhibition is a bold and immersive laboratory, activating the spatial imagination of its participants and spectators through play and interaction.

Prague isn´t Czechia / Czech Republic

What is the identity of a city? No conscious modern human thinks it can be found in the comments section on, but how can we learn the nature of a place?  Working together in a setting that fooled some of our jury into thinking their installation was an actual tourist center, this team struggles to hold onto their identity while living in a tourist destination.

Passing Through: Lines and Borders / Philippines 

For some of us borders are porous but for others they remain impenetrable. Focussing on documenting the emotional impact of border control and immigration.


Performance Design Space

Four awarded projects are:


Unfinished concrete surfaces provide a strong architectural presence and minimalist identity in this revitalization of a brown fields site. It includes a multi-purpose auditorium that utilizes rotating ceiling panels for acoustic flexibility; technically responding to the varying needs of multiple performance genres.


A close collaboration between conductor and design team has resulted in this visually striking mobile soundshell. It demonstrates high-level technical proficiency by providing excellent acoustics for performers and audiences via a beautiful sculptural form.

Levitating Theatre

The small-scale, playful intervention in the landscape serves as both a table and stage for the senses. The organic shape of the platform flows between existing trees, while the mirrored skirting reflects the ground and provides a perception of floating. The project embodies a sense of experimentation and an openness to new performance possibilities.

Theatre in the Wild

As a temporary site-responsive intervention in a rural landscape threatened by urban development, this sensitively conceived performance space is constructed out of reclaimed and recyclable materials. Elegantly minimal, it engages a terrestrial politics in dialogue with culture, nature, local residents, invited artists and visitors from the city.


Excellence in Performance Design

Six awarded personalities are:

Jerildy Bosch / Mexico

The costume designer’s work opens a window to material-led, body-centered creative research processes; Silence of the Lambs meets the Day of the Dead in reimagining human tissue through experimentation and the creation of new bio materials that perform with the body through design and costume.

Ivan Marušić Klif / Croatia

Collaboration with many partners. Transformation of spaces large and small. Seamless integration with the entire production environment, responding to and exchanging with space, light, costumes, sound and text.

Zhou Zhengping / China

It is a poetic and magical, yet highly complex lighting design that performs a powerful, dramaturgically-driven role. Although lighting is such an ephemeral impulse and highly technical medium, the presentation enabled the jury to distinguish the artistic concept. For its fantastic beauty, abstract qualities, and subtility.

Michael Levine / Canada

Levin´s work excellently interprets the classical opera with simple and powerful visual elements and creates diverse changing space for actors and stories and unique stage composition.

Latai Taumoepeau / Australia

Standing for “saltwater sovereignty…[and] the monstrous femme body”, this performance artist combines ceremonial movement and objects with contemporary practices to activate public space through durational performances that protest the radical effects of colonization and climate change on the Pacific.

La Liga Teatro Elástico / Mexico

When an artistic collective sets out to reproduce a living creature for performance, they walk a dangerous line.  Too naturalistic, and they’re creating 18th Century waxworks. Too abstract, the animal cannot come to life.  This team summons, from marbles and wool, chicken bones, accordion bellows, an utterly unique wind instrument and their very bodies, a magical creation worthy of this award in Performance Design.


Jury Award
Bert Neumann / Germany

A tribute to a radical designer who passed away too soon in 2015. His practice made an impact in his local theatre as well as globally, with a unique intersection between theatre and architecture. It is realised with economy and authenticity.

Mentor Award
Arnold Aronson / US

For decades of teaching, pioneering scenography scholarship and creating dialogue between theory and practice in the international community connected to Prague Quadrennial.

Life Achievement Award
Kirsten Dehlholm / Denmark

For life work in scenography-led theatre and opera performances that combine esthetics and affect with strong spatial and political aspects.

Most Promising Talent
Natalia Sedano / Mexico

Forests become fabrics, fabrics become landscapes; Nature becomes somehow un-natural – scaled up, scaled down, huge vegetables exploded on impact, rooted humans with bare feet, pleats and a mask against an arabesque whisper white mosaic pattern behind and below, oxymoronic human realities thrown against each other in emotional despair, living in a black and grey garage, dreaming of an aqua turquoise tin plate.


Best Publication Award
Costume in Performance: Materiality, Culture, and the Body
Donatella Barbieri


Yound Audience Award
Minor Monsters / Chile