PQ Ambassador Program

Prague Quadrennial wouldn´t become one of the largest and greatest international events without a contribution of our supporters and longtime collaborators. With a view to express our thanks, to recognize those who are important to us, and to extend the inclusivity of the PQ Family, we have established a new and lasting honorary title – PQ Ambassador.

The title of PQ Ambassador will be offered each edition of PQ to the members of the jury and to those whose work and contributions to the global performance design community embody the ideals of excellence, advocacy, and collaboration on the international level.

This honorary title carries no formal responsibilities but acting as a good will to outreach a visibility of PQ. PQ Ambassadors are people, who have been valuable assets in developing PQ into a vibrant network and their knowledge and expertise will continue to be a resource for PQ teams in the future.

The mission of the PQ Ambassadors´ program is to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of design for performance with emphasis on cross-generational interaction and experience sharing in order to raise awareness and advocate development of performance design profession in underrepresented areas. We ask PQ Ambassadors to promote PQ amongst general public and performance professionals worldwide, as well as to support PQ Leadership with their precious wisdom and experience that we value with high respect.

We proudly present PQ Ambassadors:
Sodja Lotker, Dorita Hannah, Jim Clayburgh, Liu Xinglin, Sofia Pantouvaki, Kate Bailey, Pamela Howard, Rob Kaplowitz, Omar Rajeh, Mónica Raya, Yaron Abulafia, Jennifer Tipton, Arnold Aronson, Tim Foster, and Simona Rybáková.