At the very heart of PQ are exhibitions examining the current state of performance design and theatre space, while the event is made vibrant and active by festivals and showcases of live activities, where scenography and performance design play a strong and integral role, often within the environment of performance offering an immersive experience for the audience. 

Exhibition of Countries and Regions: Denmark at PQ 2019 (photo by Kryštof Kalina)

PQ 2019 included The Exhibition of Countries and Regions, Student Exhibition, Fragments, Performance Space Exhibition, Site Specific Performance Festival, Formations, 36Q°, PQ Studio, PQ Talks, PQ+, The Best Performance Design and Scenography Publication Award, PQ Youth and Family, and events that are part of the larger European partnership project EMERGENCE: From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/ Reframing Memory. 

36Q at PQ2019 (photo by Tomáš Brabec)

PQ 2019 took place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds, the location that hosted the first PQ in 1967 and all subsequent editions except 1991, 2011, and 2015. Covering an area of 35 hectares and dominated by the Art Nouveau Industrial Palace designed by renowned architects Friedrich Münzberger and František Prášil. The Exhibition Grounds were created and opened for the 1891 Great Exhibition. PQ returned to its traditional home, utilized many of the available spaces and dug into the grounds rich, though sometimes dark, history through many of its projects, fully engaging the space as a scenographic opportunity.

Formations: Daily Group Actions at PQ 2019 (photo by Alexander Dobrovodsky)

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