Prague Quadrennial announces the Czech representation at the main exhibitions for its 15th edition

The key concept of the 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial, which will be held on 8-18 June 2023 in the Prague market, is RARE, in the sense of unique approaches and uncommon artistic experiences. By consensus of a committee of experts, two subjects were chosen for the Czech representation at PQ 2023. (The committee consisted of MgA. Jan Bažant, Ph.D., Mgr. Pavla Beranová, doc. MgA. Marie Jirásková, Ph.D., MgA. Ewan McLaren, MgA. Martin Pošta, M.A. Simona Rybáková, Ph.D. a Mgr. Tereza Sieglová.)

David Možný: Blink of an Eye at Fait Gallery (foto: Martin Polák)

The Exhibition of Countries and Regions will host a visual artist David Možný with his installation Limbo Hardware, which follows in the spirit of his past exhibition Blink of an Eye and presents fragments of interiors, where it is uneasy to move and hard to breather. Each slot reminisces of a scene from a film, which is stuck on a single frame. Author of videos and videoinstallations, working as a VJ for theatre and scenic readings, best reflects the pandemic situation, which struck the society and the world of art and transforms the viewer’s encounter with familiar spaces into a strong and emotive experience from an unusual perspective.

David Možný: Blink of an Eye at Fait Gallery (foto: Martin Polák)

David Možný together with the curator Pavel Švec provide an insight into the conception of his work: “An omnipresent film narrative gradually transforms into a mere indication and a fragment provoking audience into participation. It is as if a viewer became a main character of the watched film and the only one who can unfold all its metaphysically mystical intricacies weaved with a feeling of unease, void and hopelessness.”

The Student Exhibition will present a project Correspondence theatre by the students of the Academy of Theatre Arts, where they employ correspondence productions, appealing to audience for participating on the creative process. The artists react to the key questions of PQ 2023: human contact, digital media, the possibilities to create in spite of the personal isolation. “Post office in that sense is a notable institution: in order to transfer the human touch on the paper, we need many digitalized systems and processes, however it is a human hand that delivers a letter into a mailbox.”

Tereza Havlová, Anna Prstková, Jakub Šulík, Johana Bártová a Adam Pánik: Correspondence theatre

The exhibition will work as a post office counter, where a visitor can purchase a production in a form of a letter, try and pick one and then send it to a respective addressee. The project was conceived by Tereza Havlová, Anna Prstková, Jakub Šulík, Johana Bártová a Adam Pánik.