PQ will host Nairobi based Cave Bureau as the main speakers of PQ Symposium

We are excited to announce the key speakers of our PQ Symposium WHERE ARE WE?, which will take place on 4-6 May 2022 in Pražská Tržnice.

We are hosting the representatives of the Nairobi based Cave Bureau, a collective of architects and researchers exploring the synergy between architecture, urbanism and nature, where they curate performative events of resistance within caves along the Great Rift Valley in East Africa.

The PQ team believes that the art of theatre is constantly transforming as such; performance is fighting its way out of the walls of theatre buildings, emerging in the streets, countryside, wherever. Furthermore, each country, region and continent presented at PQ brings about their unparalleled cultural heritage, which extends beyond stage and reflects their local identity on numerous levels of art and expression.

Cave Bureau seems to be the perfect fit for stirring up a debate about ever changing performance spaces, unique perspectives and new scenographic experiences.

Mrs Stella Mutegi and Mr Kabage Karanja of Cave Bureau