We are rightly proud of our colleagues, current and past. And so, we are pleased to introduce you to the international open-source journal ASCENDING, founded by Brad Caleb Lee, the designer and former program coordinator of Prague Quadrennial 2019. Brad runs the journal in collaboration with an international team of editors, intending to publish articles on performance design, scenography, and visual dramaturgy written in various formats, including artist features, industry perspectives, and peer-reviewed research.

ASCENDING is published bi-annually and aspirating to be a global platform for emerging artists working across performance disciplines seeking to voice the dynamic work of the next generation of designers, artisans, makers and storytellers.

See more about the ASCENDING on the journal web site or take a look at all our collaborators involved in the PQ knowledge exchange platform here.

Information for the used introductory photo:

Play: WOYZECK. Direction: George Cederquist, Music Direction: Catherine O’Shaughnessy, Production Design: Brad Caleb Lee, Lighting Design: Ted Nazarowski, Production Photos: Wendy Alas