Keeping culture alive in times of Donetsk conflict

Oksana Zarzhevskaya-Kravchenko has been working with IZOLYATSIA, the Platform for Cultural Initiatives, on different cultural and social projects since 2010, and in 2016 she became IZOLYATSIA’s director. In the talk with Marketa Fantová, Oksana introduces us to the cruelty and inhumanity of war in Donetsk where the IZOLYATSIA was formerly located. How important is memory of the place and how does it reframe the identity of citizens?

IZOLYATSIA, who is PQ’s partner in the EMERGENCE project, seeks to create a strong network of artists and culture workers in Ukraine. The topic of history reframing people’s memory is quite urgent in Ukraine and the case of IZOLYATSIA in particular, as Oksana said. Since IZOLYATSIA was originally located in Donetsk, which is now occupied by Russian-backed mercenaries, they decided to left and the place is now used as a prison.

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