Twenty-seven world-renowned scenographers in one publication

One year after the successful exhibition Fragments, which was part of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, a book with the same title has been recently published. On one hundred and fifty pages, the English-Czech book presents a sample of work from scenographers who have significantly influenced the development of the performance design. Their work is represented by photographs of selected artefacts accompanied by a detailed biography. At the same time, the publication reveals interesting facts about their individual creative approaches by including the most inspiring parts of their interviews that were taken during PQ 2019.

The book Fragments / Fragmenty 2019 is released in the English-Czech version and is published by the Arts and Theatre Institute.

The book can be purchased for CZK 350 in the online shop of the Arts and Theatre Institute Prospero.

Contents of the book:


Klára Zieglerová (4) // Markéta Fantová (6)


Andy Bargilly (10) // Paul Brown (16) // Jozef Ciller (20) // Jean-Claude De Bemels (26) // Kirsten Dehlholm (32) // Xue Dianjie (38) // Hélio Eichbauer (44) // Maria & Tolita Figueroa (48) // Paul Gallis (54) // Juan Gómez-Cornejo (60) // Dorita Hannah (66) // Yukio Horio (72) // Pamela Howard (76) // Liisa Ikonen (82) // Mary Kerr (88) // Ming Cho Lee (92) // Alexander Lisiyansky (96) // Thom Luz (102) // Yevhen Lysyk (106) // Fruzsina Nagy (110) // Iva Němcová (116) // Francis O’Connor (120) // Kustav-Agu Püüman (126) // Ali Raffi (132) // Cristina Reis (136) // Burmaa Tumurkhuyag (142) //Luis Carlos Vásquez Mazzilli (146)

Information about the book and its partners:

Název: Fragments/Fragmenty 2019
Autoři: Klára Zieglerová, Markéta Fantová, kurátoři a umělci
Editoři: Magdaléna Brožíková, Michaela Buriánková, Lucie Čepcová, Brad Caleb Lee, Pavlína Šulcová, Halka Varhaníková
Překlad z anglického originálu: AZ Translations, Petr Kotouš
Grafický design a sazba: Veronika Vacková
Tisk: Helbich
Vydavatel: Institut umění – Divadelní ústav
Partneři: Národní muzeum, ROBE Lighting s.r.o.