Theatre and Performance Design Journal on PQ 2019

The special issue of Theatre and Performance Design published by Taylor & Francis is out! Why is this issue so special to us? It is all about Prague Quadrennial 2019 with the topic of Imagination. Transformation. Memory edited by Jane Collins and Arnold Aronson with the foreword written by the PQ Artistic Director Markéta Fantová.


Between material and perception: towards an aesthetics of scenography by Katherine Graham

Scenography 2019 in PQ Talks by Barbora Příhodová & Pavel Drábek

The show and gaze of intermedial interculturalism: a reflection on the curation of Otherness at PQ19 by Zheyu Wei

Porous realities, open scenography: a study of the Lebanese exhibition at PQ 2019 by Hadi Damien

Eloquent landscapes: some questions about curatorship and scenography through the experience of Catalonia’s participation in PQ19 by Bibiana Puigdefàbregas & Marta Rafa

One hundred and ninety-two thousand, two hundred and forty-eight steps: curating the Site-Specific Performance Festival at PQ 2019 by Sophie Jump

Mixing realities: reflections on presence and embodiment in intermedial performance design of Blue Hour VR by Paul Cegys & Joris Weijdom

The scenographic potential of immersive technologies: virtual and augmented reality at the Prague Quadrennial 2019 by Lucy Thornett

Curating PQ Studio 2019 by Patrick Du Wors

Transformative power of spatial memory: an interdisciplinary approach to space as performance by Jorge Palinhos , Miljana Zeković , Višnja Žugić , Attila Antal & Eric V. Dela Cruz

Collaboration despite the tyranny of distance by Jo Briscoe

PQWaltz 2019. Waltzing to a resonance room: nothing ever came out of comfort zones by Anne Habermann , Anna Luyten & Saskia Valk // Visual Essey

Following the threads of scenographic costume at PQ19 by Susan Marshall

Fragments by Klara Zieglerova

Book review // Jaroslav Malina in scenography and paintingedited by Christopher Baugh

Book review // Costume in performance: materiality, culture, and the body by Annie Holt

Book review // Immersion and participation in Punchdrunk’s theatrical worlds by Adam Alston

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Photo: David Kumermann // 36Q°