Call to Performance Design Educators and Students

PQ STUDIO: Common Design Project Special Edition

Text: The White Plague (Czech: Bílá nemoc) 
Author: renowned Czech writer, playwright, critic and originator of the word Robot, Karel Čapek  
Open Call text: to download HERE
Deadline for Institutions to Register Intent: 15 June or 1 October (see two timeline options in the Call)

In light of this unprecedented period of self-isolation in the wake of Covid-19, the Prague Quadrennial, in collaboration with Prague’s Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) launches the PQ STUDIO: Common Design Project Special Edition – The White Plague. The goal of this project is to offer students who may have found their summer creative projects cancelled, a chance to find artistic inspiration through a play that eerily anticipated – over eighty years ago – many of the dangers the world is facing today.