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PQ catalogues are the amazing source of Performance Design inspiration, know-how, and educational platform.
PQ 2019 Catalogue includes, in addition to exhibitions and projects description, reflexions of international team members on each curated section.
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PQ 2019 Performance Space Exhibition´s videos

The Performance Space Exhibition showcased a wide range of possibilities for theatre architecture, from found and transformed spaces to major national projects to temporal outdoor structures, especially those in remote or complicated areas where the creators of the space were not only architects. These 43 spaces were exhibited in a form of short 5-minutes max. videos which are available at PQ Youtube channel.

PQ 2019 Talks

PQ Talks was conceived as a platform to discuss, question, provoke, theorize, acknowledge, and celebrate the creative, intellectual, and cultural riches that scenography brings to our world. Videos of key speakers are available at PQ Youtube channel.

PQ 2019 Fragments

Fragment Exhibition exhibited works of the most influential living designers from countries all over the world. The special Fragments Catalogue allows us not only to see their work, but to hear and try to understand their motivations, inspirations, and their struggles.

PQ 2019 aftermovies

Sometimes the best way how to study the Performance Design is to see it in motion. Watch aftermovies made for PQ 2019, Formations, Site Specific Performance Festival, and 36Q° at PQ Youtube channel to revive the great atmosphere where physical contact existed not just in our imagination.


36Q˚ (pronounced “threesixty”) brings the artistic and technical side of performance design into sharp focus and poses important questions the industry is facing today. Both, 2016 36Q video and 2019 36Q video, prove that creative minds based in the arts, using boundless imagination paired with new technological advancements, enrich our society by creating original and highly inspiring mind-expanding works.

EMERGENCE. From shared experience to new creativity. Living Heritage/Reframing Memory. 

Using performance, the EMERGENCE (EU project lead by PQ, and uniting 8 international partners) explores the role of local and global memory in shaping formations of cultural understanding and interpreting heritage in different areas across Europe as a tool and means of connecting established professional designers with emerging performance creators to develop strong dramaturgical and interpretative skills in the next generation of creators. The special EMERGENCE. Catalogue communicates local findings through the more universal language of art and performance design/scenography. More info on project is available at emergence.pq.cz.

Canon. Theatre Technical History

CANON aims to increase awareness and understanding of the history of technical theatre in Europe: its practices and technologies. PQ is proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the current discourse on the preservation of the cultural heritage of transnational and international theatre technology and techniques. More info on project is available at canon-timeline.eu.


The selection of articles referring to PQ 2019 are available in English and Czech language.