Performance Design in times of social-distancing: an educational platform led by PQ Studio

The idea of sharing and performing across a distance is not new in the internet era, but never before have we as artists had such a need to explore all possible means to maintain human connection. We are interested in discussing, sharing and exploring new forms emerging during this period of social isolation.  Specifically, new forms where the human experience remains central, whist still finding new ways to transfer from one place to another. We are not looking to create a substitute for live events. Rather, a temporary creative replacement, which may become complimentary to live performance in the longer view. As a launching pad, we will dig deep into our PQ archives and bring forward brilliant ideas shared by artists as part of past PQ exhibitions and workshops. And we call on you to share your ideas; your ways of coping with physical distance creatively. Performance Design is based on shared experience; the exchange of emotion through a profound connection with the audiences. PQ Studio asks the question: During this time of social isolation, how can we achieve these goals of Performance Design using available technology. How can we keep the last human venue truly human? Send us your ideas and lets start sharing in PQ Studio Facebook group.