PQ 2019 Catalogue

Editors: Magdaléna Brožíková, Markéta Fantová, Brad Caleb Lee, Lucie Čepcová, Petr Kotouš, Pavlína Šulcová, Halka Varhaníková
ISBN 978-80-7008-421-2
Pages: 660
Language: English/Czech
Published: 2019

PQ 2019 was amazing, vivid, monumental, progressive, … but also transient. Get the PQ 2019 catalogue that makes all presentations from more than 80 countries around the world not to be forgotten. Re-experience 11 days of cutting-edge performance design and theatre architecture practices by reading curatorial texts covering all exhibitions, performances, live events, and talks accompanied by a site-specific photodocumentation not only from art-deco styled Industrial Palace and Prague Exhibition Grounds, but also from The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and the historical center of the city.

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