URS127 Gallery

URS 127 Gallery is located in a historic preservation districts, Dadaocheng, in Taipei, Taiwan. U.R.S. stands for Urban Regeneration Station and this was a project held by Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office. Dadaocheng is a rather closed and commercial district which was not very accessible. Due to the strict regulation on urban landscape within this area, some residents tend to donate their properties to the government. In return, they could get some benefits from it. Before the refurbishment, URS 127 Gallery was a three storey shop house. Now, the main purpose of URS 127 Gallery is to open the whole space to the public. Department of Architecture, Tamkang University was commissioned to run the place, and The 7 Plays Theatre Company was invited to be part of its incubation centre.

The 7 Plays took the space as a theatre experimental stage and started to collect stories from the local communities. Afterwards, a series of plays entitled Shi-Qi Teahouse launched its debut and has performed at Taipei Lunar New Year Festival for three years.

The story was based on the local tea business, and the space itself was its backdrop. The audience immerse themselves in the story when they step into the sphere. Everyone is welcome to stop by and enjoy the play, like at other teahouses, the customers can do anything freely. The residents have also built up an expectation that when there was holding the Lunar New Year Festival. Unprecedentedly, with the play Shi-Qi Teahouse, the experience of watching a play has completely changed within this traditional commercial district.

Country/Region Taipei, Taiwan

Designer Department of Architecture, Tamkang University (TW)

Project Collaborators
Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office
Department Of Architecture, Tamkang University
Producer: Pei-Hsin Chen
Director/ Playwright: Ray Huang
Performers: Geng-Hua Chang, Wan-Ju Chiang, Hsin-Yi Tseng, Meg Lee

Video Collaborators
Never Perfect Originality Studio
Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office
Producer: Pei-Hsin Chen
Director / Editor: Wan-Ju Chiang

Additional Collaborators
Whole + Architects & Planners, Ya-Han HO, Hsin-Jou Gao

Venue Contact
Web: http://www.urstaipei.net/en/article/2587
FB: https://www.facebook.com/urs127artfactory/