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Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá – PQ

Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá

Built with 11 containners, Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá is a cultural pole and also works as a Cia. Mungunzá’s headquarters. It became the biggest reference about architecture and democratization of access to culture, in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. Through free tickets activities or affordable prices tickets, it tries to promote the democratization of the access to culture and re-signification of the territory where it is located. The space works as a cultural mediator of relations, due to its popular access. Visited by the surroundings (which is made by neighbors, shopkeepers, and people that are in an extreme social vulnerable situation), by artists that works with different languages and by people from the Paulistan theatrical class. The space gathers different niches, therefore, collaborates to the demystification of social cultural stigmas and unites initiatives that works in city’s favor. Because we are in the Crackland’s heart, we developed a social mediation with drugs addicts and homeless people. Our last play, Silver Epidemic (2018), constitutes an ethnographic-scenic document that discuss and reveals the relation between company’s artists and people that live nearby. The Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá became a public policies beacon. In two years, it received over 150 thousand people in, approximately, 700 artistic and social activities. It was nominated to the most prestigious awards related to architecture, visual arts, becoming a reference in terms of cultural management with a large program of socio-educational mediation.

Video https://youtu.be/ftjTm1ewlkA

Country/Region Sao Paulo, Brazil

Designer Leonardo Akio, Lucas Beda, Marcos Felipe, Pedro Augusto, Sandra Modesto, Verônica Gentilin e Virginia Iglesias (BR)

Project Collaborators
Director/Curator/Design: Leonardo Akio
Director/Curator/Producer: Marcos Felipe
Director/Curator/Social Innovation: Verônica Gentilin
Director/CEO: Lucas Beda
Director/Technical Manager: Pedro Augusto
Director/Production Executive: Sandra Modesto
Director/Production Executive/Financial Manager: Virginia Iglesias
Paulistan Theater Cooperative

Video Collaborators
Director: Lucas Beda
Director: Verônica Gentilin
Final Editor: Lucas Beda
Script/edition: Verônica Gentilin
Interviewee: Luis Fernando Marques
Interviewee: Marcos Felipe

Additional Collaborators
Diego Cariri, Fabian Alonso, Fábio Lima, Filipe Ramos, Flávio Barollo, Galiana Brasil, Gilson Silva, Letícia Rodrigues, Luiz Amaral Jr., Paloma Rocha, Priscila Pulga, Sheila Pereira.

Venue Contact
Web: https://www.ciamungunza.com.br/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/CiaMungunzaDeTeatro/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1026288696/cia-mungunza-de-teatro?hl=pt

Designer Contact
Web: http://lucasbeda.blogspot.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/leonardo.akio.9