Sala Beckett / Theatre and International Drama Centre

Barcelona, Sala Beckett, 2016. This film is composed by parts of conversations, walls, materials, faces, activities… Materials and people that are part of this building, that come from the past or the future, and are represented by it. A voiceover built by parts of conversations with some neighbours, the architects, and people who works in the theatre, goes through the building. This film is about the results of remodelling Sala Beckett, a space for creation, a claim to share and to pay attention to details. This is how life becomes intense.

Country/Region Barcelona, Spain

Designer Flores & Prats Architects (ES)

Project Collaborators
Architects: Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats
Theatre and Stage Adviser: Engineer Marc Comas
Acoustic Adviser: Arau Acústica
Structure Adviser: Architect Manuel Arguijo
Installations: AJ Ingeniería
Client: Toni Casares, Sala Beckett
Collaborators: Jorge Casajús, Micol Bergamo, Emanuele Lisci, Eirene Presmanes

Video Collaborators
Filmmaker: Albert Badia
Producer: 15-L. FILMS
Production Assistants: Lukas Naraskevicius, Patricia Tamayo
Voice: Toni Casares, Director of Sala Beckett
Voice: Eva Prats, Architect of Sala Beckett
Voice: Ricardo Flores, Architect of Sala Beckett
Voice: Aina Tur, Programming and Head of Relations with Companies
Voice: Sergi Belbel, Dramatist and Professior of Sala Beckett

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