Roundabout and The Mix

studio three sixty° was founded following a commission to design Roundabout, the world’s first flat pack theatre.  Roundabout was designed and built for Paines Plough, a theatre company who specialise in touring new work. Roundabout enables them to fulfil their remit of being a national touring company. Roundabout can be put up by just six people in two days using no tools except an allen key; the simple modular design has been key to its success.  It has a diameter of 10 metres, seats 168 people in the round, and has now been on the road for five years.  We are delighted Roundabout has been granted a renewed three-year Arts Council Strategic Touring Grant which will guarantee funding until 2021. We were responsible for the design and fabrication of the structure, leading the team through an extensive design and prototype period and working with our stage engineering, lighting and scenic fabrication partners Total Solutions, Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd (HELL) and Factory Settings to deliver the build. Roundabout won The Stage Awards “Theatre Building of the Year” in 2015 and was voted “Best Fringe Venue” at the Edinburgh Festival. We set up studio three sixty to design and build more venues using the ethos and technology we developed for Roundabout, our next venue was The Mix.  The Mix is a fully flexible, multi-purpose event space. We designed and built The Mix in collaboration with HELL, and they now hire it out commercially to clients such as ITV. It has been the flagship venue for High Tide’s festival of new work in Walthamstow for the last two years.

Country/Region United Kingdom

Designer studio three sixty° (UK)

Project Collaborators
Commissioned: Paines Plough
Design Collaborator and Lighting Fabricator: Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd
Stage Engineering Fabrication: Total Solutions Group
Scenic Construction: Factory Settings
Mentorship: Charcoalblue

Video Collaborators
Filmmaker and Editor: Ben Crocker
Editor: Josh Fletcher