Mario Office

The performance was filmed inside a tiny small factory unit called “Efficiency House” located in HK. The original function of this place is not supposed to conduct public performance, and we tried to transform the space into a performance stage for a magic show.

The target audience for this performance is the mass public people, but the 1st round target audience is also ourselves. We would like to raise up some reflections for this performance. We would like you to feel what actually presenting in this magic show, giving a preview on what are happening in HK if you never have a chance to visit our city until now.

The story background about the actor and actress
Vincent and Fion, similar to 700 millions of Hong Kong working people.
They work in one small unit of factory building located at San Po Kong, Hong Kong.
Everyday, 07:00 is their alarm clock setting, 09:00 is their first meeting, 12:00 is their lunch meeting, 15:00 is their team meeting, 17:00 is their call replying, 18:00 is their ad-hoc follow up meeting, 19:00, they are yelling and family dinner cancelling, 20:00, they are exhausting, 21:00, may be it is the ending of one busy day!
We tried to mirror the busiest lifestyle of HK people, staging as our performance art. Life is art, art performed by human daily life.
On the other hand, Michael, as a freelance performer, practicing his magic show in a casual and stressless way. This created a big contrasting scenario in the video for the audience, and this is what the crucial and important idea for the curating this magic performance.

Country/Region Hong Kong

Designer Ng Sai Kit, Ricky (HK)

Project Collaborators
Ricky Ng Sai Kit, Michael Lam Cheuk Kit, Veronica Fong

Video Collaborators
Ricky Ng Sai Kit, Michael Lam Cheuk Kit, Veronica Fong, Vicent Jim, Fion Cheung

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