KMH- The Royal College of Music

KMH – design of the Royal College of Music

The College of Music is a new center for a vital part of the vibrant and internationally acclaimed music life in Sweden, which also serves as a meeting point and a cultural scene inviting the general public.

Founded in 1771, as the educational part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, The Royal College of Music in Stockholm is the world’s second oldest.

The new composition of the campus has resulted in architecture with a unique and strong identity.

Architectural themes have been the notions of music workshop, rhythm and gold-shimmering brass, all of which are also visible in the choice of materials.

The college contains four public concert halls for teaching, education, and performance. Each hall is designed for different kinds of musical focus with different acoustical needs. The requirements of tone control have called for a great deal of collaboration with acoustic consultants.

Acoustic sound insulation is very ambitious from an international perspective for music colleges, and the insulation degree is very high even between rehearsal rooms and corridors, many rooms are constructed as floating constructions with no contact to the main structure of the building, which has been a challenge for all consultants and contractors. All structural principles, materials, heating fixtures and lighting and are carefully chosen to meet the extremely high acoustical criteria.

A ceremonial inauguration and opening concert attended by the King and Queen was held in January 2017, followed by three days of popular festivities.

Country/Region Stockholm, Sweden

Designer AIX Arkitekter AB (SE)

Project Collaborators
Architect building: Tobias Rosberg
Architect Concert Halls: Annika Askerblom
Theatre Consultant: Torsten Nobling
Acoustic Consultant Concert Halls: Akusticon, Norconsult
Landscape architect: Funkia
Ventilation/Heating: Incoord
Electrical engineer: Incoord
Structural engineer: Hillstatik
Acoustic Consultant: LN Akustikmiljö
KMH Project Managers: Margareta Källström
KMH Senior Project Arch: Jasmina Jovanović Holm
KMH Assistant Project Arch.: Helena Ekelund
KMH Assistant Project Architect Stable and Facades: Anders Rosenberg
KMH Arch. Conservation Expertise: Johan Engström. Colla

Video Collaborators
Ace Media Group AB

Venue Contact
IG: KMH – kungliga Musikhögskolan
TW: Kungl MusikH

Designer Contact
FB: aix – arkitekter
IG: aixarkitekter